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Strategic Business Communications, Inc. (SBC) provides Training and Consulting, complete Meeting and Event Planning, and Inside/Outside Research. Our goal with every client is to help them optimize every business opportunity they have. At SBC, we believe that making our clients successful is ultimately about helping them “maximize each and every opportunity.” We do this by carefully researching their customers, industry, and how they do business. From this information we combine effective strategic planning, sound business management, creativity, and resources to create programs that produce our clients’ desired results in every area of their business

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SBC is a respected international business that strategically helps organizations obtain their own visions – and our associates achieve their goals – through Meeting & Event Planning, Training & Consulting, and Inside, Outside Research.

“Dear Steve, Thank you very much for all the efforts you and Jim put into the course and I have already put some ideas into practice and they are working. I would like to thank Jim too for the presentation and all the ideas he gave us.”

– Rody R., Sales Manager

“As our Acura Retention workshops come to an end, thank you Olga for making another project go smoothly.  I know that when you are involved, every detail will be well communicated.  Your note below sharing specifics about parking is just one example.I appreciate your good work.”

– Jay C., Facilitator

“One last thing, I wanted to let you know that Claire is doing a fantastic job. The hotels have all been set up just the way they are supposed to, and all the materials have been correct and in sufficient quantities. It certainly takes a load off my mind having the confidence that the “proper” materials will be there when I open the boxes on the morning of the training.”

– Dan G., Facilitator


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