12 Steps To Completely Plan Your Next Event

Our job is to help companies and individuals manage their overall performance better. As a result, everything we do is focused on your goals so that we can produce the desired result for your organization and team members.

When starting the event planning process, it is crucial for us to find out everything that is important to you.

  • Your Vision and Goals
  • Your Events Expectations

With our own catalog of over 300 locations, we can help find the perfect location for you.

In order to ensure that every detail is covered in a timely manner, we create a customized timeline for every step of your event.

  • All printing and reproduction of materials
  • Audio visual needs
  • Event giveaways, gifts, and prizes

Let us help you spread the word and organize attendees.

  • Create registration sites
  • Registration-fee structures, policies and cancellations

Event Notification

Communication and organization are key elements to a successful event.

We will achieve this by:

  • Establishing a reporting template
  • Reviewing Timelines
  • Reviewing Agendas
  • Attendance Updates
  • Budgeting Reports

As the day draws near, final numbers and attendee confirmations are necessary.

Leave it to us to communicate all of the final details to your attendees.

We have a strict double inspection policy to ensure all the correct materials arrive at your event on time.

A hassle free event day is what we promise to you.

SBC can:

  • Participate in set up and on location logistics
  • Handle any challenges that may arise
  • Manage details of the event so you can focus on your actual objective

Just because the event is over, it doesn’t mean that we stop working.
• Cost Savings Reports
• Action Plan Follow-Up
• Attendance Reports
Detailed analysis throughout the process to ensure maximum ROI.