When doing business, we always think about how to get new clients but we forgot that we also have to consider how to retain customers who have already done business with us.

The existing customers are the goldmine of the business. They are the people who know, like and trust the business already. Staying in touch and appreciating them is one way of letting them know that the business cares for them.

On this episode, we have Jaime “Jim” Hernandez. He’s currently the President and CEO of Strategic Business Communications, Inc. He is also recognized as part of the Inc. 5000 list.

Jim shares about client retention and how to give importance to the existing clients. He also talks about how people can mix business and friendship.



  • Retention and follow up is where the top 5% of salespeople live and the top businesses live.
  • It makes the business easier for the seller and the customers if there’s a great relationship between the twoparties.
  • In doing business, you have to adapt to the customer; simple things like communication. If your customer wants to be called, emailed or texted, then you have to adapt to their chosen means of communication.
  • Business is building trust and earning trust with clients.
  • The top 5% of the salesperson had the word “caring” in their sales process with their customers.
  • In whatever you do, you should be the expert of your chosen field.

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