Company Wide SWOT Analysis

To produce employees that will significantly help your organization increase sales, profitability, customer satisfaction, or all of the above … YOU SHOULD REALLY LISTEN TO WHAT EMPLOYEES HAVE TO SAY … and then act on their suggestions.

By administering a company wide SWOT survey, you will discover how all of your team members feel about the company’s Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats.

Strengths: Qualities of the organization that benefit achieving the objective.

Weaknesses: Qualities of the organization that detract from achieving the objective.

Opportunities: External conditions that benefit achieving potential.

Threats: External conditions which may create obstacles for a business trying to reach its optimal performance.

The results of this SWOT survey will provide you with detailed feedback from employees and peers. This information will present you with recommendations on how to improve the structure and flow of information within your company from those with inside knowledge. Typically, the respondents to the questionnaire include all employees, which helps get a 360 ̊ perspective. The data collected from this type of survey can assist your business in planning new goals and strategies to reach its full potential.  Survey results from thousands of employees can often be delivered within days.