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By Jim Hernandez (Click here to read article in Latin Business Today).

The four keys to the sales close- – be better prepared and focused on helping your customers solve their needs, versus just trying to sell to them.

Editor’s note: This is the fifth article based on a four part selling cycle that is further broken down into eight major steps which include: 1. How to Find, 2. How to Sell, 3. How to Close and 4. How to Keep more customers. This cycle includes 8 distinct major steps. We continue the series discussing step 3 of 8: How to Sell: The Presentation First two articles: How to Find: Step 1 Prospecting, Step 2– How to Sell More Customers, Step 3- Nailing The Sales Presentation, Step 4 Examples of the Presentation

STEP 5 – The Close

Step 5 (The Close) is the step most business owners and managers want their sales people to be good at. This step, along with Step 6 (To Negotiate), are often thought of as the two most important steps.

In order to be good at The Close, you must also be good at the other steps. (Hint – we are about to review the first four steps):

1. The best salespeople I’ve met are always very good at finding more customers.

Having more opportunities to close is critical to generating more sales. In today’s highly competitive markets, this first step and how you initiate this first step, be it by phone, email, or in person, will truly lay the foundation for closing more sales.

2. Finding out about your customer will make the close so much easier if you do this well.

Like a great waiter who knows his customers so well that he can recommend just the right culinary experience based on what they like and can literally have them eating out of his hands, with them never thinking about how much they will be spending. This consultative phase must be completed properly to know your customer’s needs so you will be successful at closing more sales.

3. Based on Step 2, you must now present what you sell, completely based on what the client or potential customer needs, likes, or wants. When done correctly, the close begins here.

4. Once you have presented what you sell well, you must help the customer develop mental ownership of your product.

It is through some form of demonstration that you can literally leaving them wanting what you are selling, long before you enter the closing or negotiation steps.