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Management, Training & Consulting

Our job is to help companies and individuals manage their overall performance better. As a result, everything we do is focused on your goals so that we can produce the desired result for your organization and team members.

So how do we make sure you accomplish your goals of improving overall performance?

Step 1

Discovery Phase

With every client we take the time to ask a lot of questions to determine what their real challenge is, so we can produce the right solution. Over the years we have produced thousands of seminars and strategic plans. Each one was built not with the goal of just delivering another piece of training and consulting, but with the real goal of producing a better than desired result for our clients. We don’t sell out of the box solutions.

Step 2

Research and Analysis

To properly provide a training program or strategy solution, the first thing that must be done is some marketplace research and analysis. This always includes talking to your customer/clients/patients/etc. Then we also talk to your employees and potentials clients. Gathering the feedback to the questions we ask provides us with an accurate idea of how we can help you achieve success.

Step 3

Developing the Right Solution

For the past 32 years, as part of creating the “Right Solution,” we have a variety of training and consulting outlines like “How to Find, Sell, Close and Create More Customers”, “How to Improve Employee Performance”, “The Fastest Strategic Plan You Will Ever Create”, and many more. These are just some of the outlines we have to choose from (individually or combined) to determine the right direction for success in your organization.

Step 4

Executing the Plan

This is often the hardest for our clients. Working to determine and develop the right solution is great, but actually doing it is where clients sometimes stop. We always ask the question as part of Step 1 “Are you really willing to do whatever it takes to create the success you desire?” Great plans not completed are a waste of your time and investment. For this reason, we establish a detailed list of Action Plans with you, so you will take complete ownership in their execution.

Step 5

Follow Up and Accountability to Measureable Results

Once the list of Action Plans is created we establish key performance indicators from which we will set goals and follow-up with clients. This phase of follow-up and accountability is critical to keep clients on their path towards success.

Step 6

Success Review

Once we set the Action Plans we will establish time frames in which we can review current levels of success or failure against goals set for each client. At these meetings we can pat ourselves on the back, look at how we can tweak things to generate even more success, try to determine what obstacles are in our way of success, or completely re-engineer the action plan due to its not producing the desired result.

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